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Terry Allen

From the start, I was committed to my art and that hasn’t changed in nearly all of my time painting. I paint as an artist looking for my distinctive way of painting and drawing.
Becoming obsessed and almost intoxicated by the act of both. Most of my paintings are of childhood scenes and streets that have disappeared long ago, never to return, replaced by high rises, offices and such like. Only documented by photographs and now, my paintings.
This exhibition is of Salford’s scenes and streets remembered. My work is instantly recognisable. The limited colour palette I use represents the ever changing colour of urban life. There’s a nostalgic feeling of working class life in days gone by.
My work involves texture…brick, smoke, clouds, people…I layer my work to give depth and to invite a deeper contemplation of a different, type of community.
My ambition is to remember those urban scenes. The everyday Salford of the working class had its own beauty.
This exhibition expresses my belief in that....

pictureWorking....   pictureSalford....   pictureStockport....
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